I Don’t Care What People Think…

This is a lie.

It is a lie that I believed about myself until I began thinking about this blog. I’ve been so inspired by the growing legion of truth tellers out there. Brave women such as Brene Brown and Glennon Doyle Melton, whose books have changed the way I want to live my life. They made me believe that I too, could take off the mask I wear out in the world of friends family and Facebook. And, as long as this first blog post was in the future, I felt confident and true to that courageous ideal.

Even though courage is mentioned often by the people who are unwavering in their practice of truth telling, it didn’t really sink in until I sat here, getting ready to put myself out there in a real way; a way that doesn’t involve “photo shopping” my posts. I post on Facebook rarely. I re-post more often than adding an original thought. And sometimes even in the re-posting, I feel like I’m showing a side of myself that may be pooh poohed by some of my friends. In reality, they probably don’t think much of it at all; but it’s the idea that I censor myself and gauge what I share based on how people might react. That right there? That’s fear. Fear of how people may see me. And it keeps me from becoming who I really want to be. Fearless, Fierce, Revolutionary in the way I live my life.

There’s a lot of power in sharing the truth. Even when we share a truth about ourselves with only ourselves. There’s a moment of relief when we admit to ourselves anything we’ve been denying. Even more, I love the moments when some brave soul says something out loud that I have been feeling. The sense of being understood by someone is truly profound. I think the sad thing is that we’re mostly walking around trying to look better on paper than we think we actually are. When the truth is, the way we really are is better than any photo shopped version of ourselves could ever be.

I guess this is kind of like a warning shot for all the people who “know me” from Facebook. You’ll be seeing the stuff I’ve been keeping in a drawer. My hope is that it deepens our friendships; that it’ll inspire you to share the real you with the world. I think the world needs some pioneers in courageous living.

Just in case I’ve oversold this… don’t expect a bombshell. I am still wearing most of the labels you all have grown accustomed to. I’m not coming out of any of the best known closets, although I would hope I’d have the courage to if I were in one.

This will also be the LONGEST POST I’ll make. I am quite familiar with the extremely short attention spans we humans have embraced. I won’t ramble. Instead, my goal is to start conversations, to inspire you in your own truth revolution. We can be honest together.

Happy New Year, Friends 🙂




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