Interpret This Dream

I dream vivid, detailed dreams. And I love it. I’ve been told by a few people that they feel bad for me “to have to go through all of that at night”. But, I would be really distraught if  for some reason I stopped remembering my dreams.

There are two dreams from childhood I can still recall in vivid detail. One of them is a recurring nightmare. It isn’t always exactly the same, but has a recurring theme. I first had the dream when I was very young; somewhere between three and six years old.

The dream starts with Dad, Mom and me eating dinner. Dad asks me if I remembered to close the yard gate. He tells me I should go close it before our horse, Cricket gets into the yard. I look out the window and see her coming down the driveway toward the gate. I am hurrying to get to the gate before she does, but I am running in slow motion; as if in quick sand. Just as she gets to the gate, she morphs into the nurse that I see each week for an injection. I hate the injections and I don’t like the nurse too much.  I’m terrified from the moment I look out the window and see Cricket coming toward the gate, even though I’m not afraid of her in waking life. I just know I cannot let her get to the gate.

I had the dream again last night… some forty-six to forty-eight years later. Same house, but now I’m an adult. It’s dark and I’m in the house alone. I look out the window to see a man in a car coming down the driveway. I know he means to do me harm. He’s almost to the gate. Getting to the gate before he does isn’t possible. As I try to think how to defend myself, I wake up. The dream has the same feeling; someone is coming that means to do me harm.

I always wake up before the person who’s coming actually gets to the gate.

So, my friends… do you have any dreams that keep replaying? Do you even remember your dreams? And how would you interpret this dream if it were yours?

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