Stand Tall Darling

I’ve been considering “truth” lately. There is a lot of disagreement in our crazy world about what it is exactly. We have “fake news” and public figures saying things like “Truth isn’t truth”.  What?
We have inspirational authors and speakers urging us to speak our truths, and tell our stories.

This summer has been a time of introspection for me; a real deep dive into what is true for me and how comfortable I am in speaking it.

It takes a certain amount of courage to speak your truth. Especially for women of a certain generation, I think. As a kid in the 70s, I wasn’t ever asked what I thought about anything. So, for a very long time, I didn’t know what I thought or how I felt about anything.

One of the things I’ve realized is that I don’t always speak my truth. But, I’m getting a lot better at Being what’s true for me. I’m slowing my roll ~ being still enough to feel what that truth is. Who I am, how I feel about things; big things, small things, everything. 

I am beginning to think that it takes even more courage not to go around speaking it, but to simply stand tall in it. To be everything that’s true about you, to be it so fully that it’s apparent, whether or not you speak at all.

How can it take more courage to “be truth”? Because it’s commitment, Baby. It goes beyond your social media posts and the way you vote politically. It goes with you. It’s there when you feel a “should” coming on. But you know that should is less important than what you need to be doing in that moment. For example, I should be sanding the baseboards in the guest room  right now. But what I need in this moment, is to write.

It’s there when someone you love wants you to agree with them. But you don’t. Even though you may have let them think you did for…years.

It’s always there. The truth of you. Who do you want to be? You get to choose every single day.  Will you be true to yourself when it makes you feel vulnerable and maybe a little crazy? When you believe in magic? Or ghosts?  When you don’t? When you really want to bust out a chorus in five-o-clock traffic? When you want to give the homeless guy on the street a ten dollar bill because he has a cute dog? When you cry during a Toyota commercial? When you’re a blue girl in a red state? When you stand with someone who you know is standing in their truth?

What’s true about you? Do you even know? Deep down, who are you? Get quiet and listen and I bet you’ll find some amazing, magical stuff in there that’s been shamed or silenced for a long time. Maybe your whole life. Let it out. Be that person. Don’t just speak it. Really be who you are. Stand tall, Darling. You’re glowing. You’re Magic!

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